My Story

My career started with a Marketing degree, a Bookkeeping degree, and various Computer diplomas. However, the best degree has been my personal life’s journey.  I matriculated in 1980, married and divorced by 1992, lost a partner to Cancer in 1999, and married my current husband in 2006.  At the end of 2006, I was burnt out and retired from Corporate SA after driving their National Marketing sales and launching retail in the telecoms industry. Years of stress had taken their toll on my body in the form of chronic disease:  Fibromyalgia, Fibro Shocking, Fibro Fog, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism , Non-alcoholic Fatty liver, Insulin Resistance, pre-diabetes, IBS, PCOS,  Low blood Pressure, Allergies,  and a weight gain of 20Kg on my 5ft.1 inch body. I had researched all I could on dieting, I knew of over 96 diets on the market. Juicing diets, Omega 3 diets, cutting carbs etc. I had seen numerous doctors, physicians, clinicians, specialists, Weight Watchers, WeighLess, and I was just getting worse. Despite all my research, nothing much had changed in relation to my health.

I decided to turn to education in Nutritional studies with regards to health, food allergies and intolerances.  My desire was to find my way back to living a full and abundant life, which included helping others who were struggling along the way. I studied health and coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, diagnostics through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and Bio Individual Nutrition for children and Autism.


"The road was long, but the journey was worth taking".

I attended the High Fat Low Carb conference in Cape Town where I was introduced to The Big Breakfast Banting Debate. I learnt so much about Insulin Resistance, and the effects of a High Fat Low Carb lifestyle, that I decided to give this way of eating a real chance.

This journey began in 2015.  The results have been remarkable.  I have regained my health and the zest for life I hadn’t felt in years.   I have since rid my cupboard of years’ worth of various ‘health’ and ‘diet’ products, as well as most packaged food substances, and have since turned my body around.  Due to The Big Breakfast way of life, I am proud to say I am in remission from Fibromyalgia, lifted Fibro fog and Fibro shocking, normalised my fatty liver, lifted the Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, IBS, Allergies, PCOS, normalised my blood sugars, normalised my Vit D levels, corrected my Cholesterol, corrected my Blood serums and balanced my hormonal system-which included saying goodbye to sleepless nights and years of constipation and laxatives! I include daily minerals such as Moringa Oleifera and bio-hack’s (natural vegan supplements) so my body can cope with stress management and cell repair. These natural products along with my new relationship to food and life have reset my cells and provided the winning combination in giving me back my health and freedom.  I am now a very active step-granny to twin boys, a mother to 2 independent men, a step mother to 5, a wife and a daughter to an energetic mother of 82. I love looking after my ever growing family which includes cooking for them the real and right way with the healthiest of foods we can afford. I can now exercise with a combination of running, yoga and training, either by myself or with my clients, which a few years ago was not possible.