01. Hr 1.5hr SCENAR session   (Self Controlled Energo-neuro Adaptive Regulator)
01. Hr 1.5hr SCENAR session   (Self Controlled Energo-neuro Adaptive Regulator)

01. Hr 1.5hr SCENAR session (Self Controlled Energo-neuro Adaptive Regulator)

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SCENAR is an acronym for Self Controlled Energo-neuro Adaptive Regulator.

SC – Self-Controlled The SCENAR device establishes a biofeedback link with the body when in use, constantly changing the properties of the applied electric impulses, in response to the measured reaction from the body.

What can Scenar treat?

SCENAR has been found to be effective for a very broad range of diseases, including diseases of the digestive, cardio-vascular, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, urinary, reproductive and nervous systems. It is also useful for managing ear, nose and throat diseases, eye diseases, skin conditions and dental problems.

Is Scenar therapy safe?

In over twenty years of use in Russia and Europe, no unwanted side effects have been noted. Since the impulses sent by the device are similar to the body's own impulses, these are quite safe, even for children and pregnant women. The peculiarities of SCENAR-therapy means that there are few contra-indications.

Does Scenar therapy really work?

Overall, SCENAR is an effective, non-invasive medical technology, which works by stimulating the body's inherent self-healing mechanisms, with no undesirable side effects.


Scenar is a breakthrough alternative in non-invasive, drug-free healthcare that helps speed recovery from a whole range of illnesses or sports injuries , assists in effective chronic pain management and pain relief. It is widely used by sports men and women all over the world to enhance performance, recovery and generate sustainable energy levels.

 Exceptional results are achieved when treating sportsmen and women especially if treatment is done as soon as possible after the injury.

 Modern sport, features constantly increasing psychological and physical pressures. Examples include treatment of sports trauma, enhancing physical stability and performance, and complete and fast rehabilitation of athletes, as well as the extension of an active sports life. The shorter the time between trauma, injury or the beginning of a disease / illness and the application of

 SCENAR therapy, the greater the effectiveness of the treatment, resulting in a quicker recovery process. Thus the presence of a SCENAR specialist at competitions, training sessions or other locations of a sports team can significantly increase the effectiveness of medical help.


What is Scenar Therapy?

 Scenar Therapy is unique because it interactively locates measures and prompts problem areas in the body through the skin and via the nervous system, to help

Relive Pain and Restore Function.

It is a BIO-FEED-BACK device working to assist the body to heal itself without surgery (in some cases) or drugs.

The treatment is non-invasive, non toxic and drugless medical technology directed at stimulating the body’s self healing resources.

Scenar therapy leaves the mind alert and imposes no limitations on a person’s daily activity.

It works quickly and restores equilibrium to the body’s unbalanced systems regulating and normalising body functions.

The device has been found to provide rapid pain relief that can last for 4 hours and more.

It assists the body to accelerate healing of pathological processes and alleviates symptoms.

This technology can be used as a valuable addition to other therapies or it can be used as a stand alone treatment.


THE THERAPEUTIC HEALING ENERGY BLANKET (Conclusion of each Scenar session)

Based on the original work by Wilhelm Reich, the MTB or ‘Orgone Energy’

Blanket was developed to induce the body and mind to rest, recover and rejuvenate. It is widely used and recommended in Russia with SCENAR treatments.

The Therapeutic Healing Energy Blanket is perfect for treating minor sports injuries, muscle strain, pain management, fast recovery from sporting events and is an excellent way to promote a feeling of well being and aid restful sleep. The blanket can be used daily as and when needed.

In Russia, it is reported to help patients establish proper regulation of their psycho-emotional and somato-vegetative (growth and development of the body’s cells) functions and so can be used to enhance the preventative care, treatment and subsequent recovery in a wide range of disorders including chronic fatigue and even emotional upheavals. There are many other reported applications of the Blanket including sleep pattern improvement, reduced stress, disorders of the Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Digestive tract, Musculoskeletal System, Metabolic Disorders, Brain Diseases and Traumas, Disorders of the

Peripheral Nervous System and Psychiatric Disorders.

Maximum effects are achieved when the patient is wrapped completely from head to toe and sleeps.

The Healing Energy blanket will help to regulate psychosomatic conditions, relieve constant tiredness and stress, and improve feelings of well-being.